Drafting an Italian Will

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Drafting an Italian Will

Drafting a Will in Italy

Recognition of a Foreign Will in Italy and Important Aspects of Italian Inheritance Law Regulation

As a matter of law, Italy recognises international wills. However, it is also well known that Italian Succession Law is, to put it mildly, a little daunting for foreigners.

Moreover, it is important to stress the fact that according to Italian law:

Why should you Draft an Italian Will

Therefore, drafting an Italian will, and set there up what will happen to your Italian assets, usually allows you:

Focus: Will drafted by an European Citizen

In 2012, EU Regulation n.650/2012 (which does not legally bind Ireland and Denmark) on international successions has partially modified Italian Private International Law relating to succession, providing that the law regulating the will is going to be:

Focus: Testator from the United Kingdom

English Private International Law on succession provides that in case of immovable property being included within the Testator’s Estate, the law applicable is going to be that of the Country where said assets are located. Therefore, if Testator had immovable assets in Italy, Italian law would regulate the will.

Having highlighted all these problematic questions, finding an Italian lawyer to draft your will is of the highest importance and we are willing and ready to help you to do so.

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