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About Us

Italian Lawyers expert in Trusts

The founder of Italy Trust Lawyers, Mr. Saverio Bartoli, has been among the first Italian lawyers to study the law of trusts in Italy after the Ratification by the Italian Parliament of the Hague Convention on the law applicable to trusts and on their recognition of the 1st of July 1985

He has a large portfolio of published legal and scholarly books and articles on trusts and, since 1999, he has consistently contributed to the developing of a common ground for trust lawyers in Italy to deal with this rather complicated, but incredibly useful, legal instrument.

Why it is important to have an Italian Lawyer when a trust has ramifications in Italy (such as assets located in Italy, Italian Beneficiaries or Italian Trustees)

It is important to remember that, despite the existence of the above-mentioned Ratification, Italy lacks a Statute Law on Trusts and so it is necessary to rely on Italian lawyers that have a consolidated expertise on both Italian law and trust law as developed in common law countries.

Areas of expertise

Italy Trust Lawyers Firm further areas of expertise are:

- Real Estate Law;

- Inheritance Law;

- General Civil Litigation;

- Translation of Legal Documents.

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